Project Opatovice

Opatovice nad Labem Paper Mill Project

ROLLPAP is one of the major Czech manufacturers of toilet paper and paper toilet hygiene. It specializes in supplies for industrial plants, companies, hotels and restaurants. It applies its products from the plants in Doksy near Kladno and in Kladno on the domestic and foreign markets, especially in Sweden and Denmark. The basic raw material for the production of paper toilet hygiene are parent tissue paper rolls or “jumbo rolsl”. ROLLPAP of this parent roles processes more than 650 tons each month and, just like other all manufacturers in CZRE, has to import 100% of it. As the demand for tissue products is growing worldwide with Czech Republic being no exception, Rollpap has decided to reduce its dependence on imports and build its own paper mill. After several years of searching for a suitable location, project and construction preparation culminating in the issuance of a valid building permit, the foundations of a brand new paper mill in Opatovice nad Labem has been put in 2019.

Brand New Paper Mill, the only one in Czech Republic!

Opatovice nad Labem papers mill will be the first and only production of its kind built in the Czech Republic after 1989. All other tissue paper mills have been shut down in the course of 1990’s and early 2000’s.

The paper mill will built on its own land, adjacent to Opatovice Power Plant – Elektrárny Opatovice – EOP. The Opatovice power plant (EOP) will supply the pepper mill with electricity, steam and water and is a very important supplier for the project.

The paper will produce enough raw materials from them to cover ROLLPAP ‘s current and development needs. Sufficient and reliable raw material supply will allow ROLLPAP to significantly expand production. “


In 2019 ROLLPAP issued bonds in the total amount of CZK 120 million with a coupon of 6.75% with a maturity of 5 years, of which 30 mill has been sold to investors. The bond issue was issued with a prospectus approved by a decision of the Czech National Bank. Nominal value of one bond CZK 100,000.

We are looking forward to supply your tissue paper hygienic needs!